Slimming world week3 and sore legs!!

I was a bit disappointed at slimming world this week. I lost 1 & 1/2 lbs after losing 3.5lbs the first week and 3lbs the second week. On the plus side I got my 1/2 stone certificate and trying to see it as a 8lb lose over 3 weeks which I know is good! 

So still going with the gym and this week I did a few classes. I had a virtual class on Tuesday which was Les Mills CXworx. It’s a 30 minute class which focuses mainly your core. I loved it and went back yesterday to another session. I’m not a big cardio person so I love this because there’s no running about!!

On Wednesday I went to pure pump…My legs are still suffering 3 days later! We did over 250 squats, I’ve really weak arms so I had the lowest weights. I could barely walk down the stairs afterwards. I did enjoy the class so going back on Wednesday. Hopefully my pain will be gone by then! 

Really need to firm up my tummy. Doesn’t seem to want to move and I know drinking beer or wine doesn’t help but need to have some treats!

So here’s to another weight loss this week xx


Slimming world Week 2

Haven’t posted in over a week! I’ve been really busy trying to declutter the house and sort out my wardrobe! 

I’m going into my 3rd week of slimming world. I lost 3.5lbs on the first week and 3lbs on the second week. Was a bit gutted I was only 0.5lb of half a stone. I blame the bottle of wine I had at the weekend!! Oops 

I found this picture of a 1lb of fat, it keeps me motivated when I see it. 

I’m really enjoying the gym which is a shock to me! I’m not a runner so I’ve been walking in the treadmill for up to an hour, on the rowing machine, bicycle, some weights and I tried the climb mill today. It was hard going and I was scared of falling off it. 

I’ve also started the 30 day an challenge. I hate the plank but trying to best to get through the pain.

How’s everyone else getting on with their fitness/health regime??

Oasis wishlist! 

I love Oasis clothes and decided to have a browse online last night. I love their tops, they always seem to have something a bit different than any other store.

Here’s a few tops I’ve picked out are on my wishlist ( and a pair of boots!!)

I love animal print and just love this top. The sleeves are sheer which is a nice touch and it could be dressed up for a night out or dressed for a more casual look.

This is quite similar. I love the colours of navy & pink together. Would wear this with a pair of skinny jeans and nude or blush heels.

I love the pattern and the colours in this shirt. Oasis seem to have quite a few butterfly patterns in their new season clothes.

Pink…one of my favourites colours!

Thought this top was really cute for coming into the spring.  It would be lovely with a pair of skinny turn up jeans and sandals. I love this green!

How cute are these Chelsea boots? Really unusual colour and they don’t look like high street.

So any of you agree with my choices or have some of your own?

Emma x


Parcels from the postman! 

I can home earlier and a lovely parcel from Cath Kidston had arrived. I bought a large cosmetic bag for £14 and a double make up bag for £6. Actually I bought 2 cosmetic bags, one for myself & one for a friends birthday later in the year (tempted to keep it myself though!).

I thought the small make up bag would be handy to pop into my bag if I’m out for the night and the larger bag for home or if I’m away or out for the day. The cosmetic bag is lovely, I might use it for home as it’s too nice to be hidden away.

My parents got my husband a Jack Wills mug & sock set as part of his Christmas present. I had mug envy so went onto Boots website and they had the female set half price so £6 for the mug & socks. I love the combination of  the Jack Wills colours my husbands is plain navy so I have the nicer mug (and socks) now! 

I also got a new pair of trainers today. I really wanted a pink pair but saw these for £24.99 in sports direct. They’re actually junior range, luckily my feet are size 5 so I was able to get them. Hopefully this will help motivate me to go to the gym! 

I’m hoping to go to the gym tomorrow. I’ve joined a new gym and it opened this afternoon but I can only go in the morning while the kids are in school & nursery. I’ve had an awful headache all day so once I collect my son from BB I’m going to have a nice bath, get a hot water bottle and go to bed! 

Have a nice evening everyone xx 

And that’s it..Christmas holidays over 

My 2 go back to school & nursery tomorrow, these holidays have flown in but at the same time it feels like they’ve been off forever. I’m looking forward to getting some time on my own again but dreading that alarm call in the morning, getting breakfast, dressed, organised and out. No lounging around in our PJs tomorrow. 

I hope I can get a good nights sleep tonight. I’ve sprayed my Temple Spa Quietude and put my Temple Spa Repose moisturiser on. I am addicted to this moisturiser. It’s such a lovely smell and makes my skin feel gorgeous. It’s now my nightly routine to put it on my face just before bed and let it sink in. 

So once I drop the kids off in the morning I’m getting an eye test. It’s about 4 years overdue. I’ve picked the glasses I want just need to decide on prescription sunglasses now. I’ve never had prescription sunglasses before but as I need my glasses for driving I thought it best to get a pair so I’m not blinded by the sun on those rare summer days we get!!

So time to switch off for the evening, the alarm will come too quickly! Goodnight xx

Temple Spa delivery & some unexpected shopping! 

Was excited to get an email this morning from Royal Mail telling me that my Temple Spa delivery was being delivered today. I had my eye on the Quietude & Spiritude set of sprays which are £18 but after Christmas they were on 2 for 1 so it has too good an offer to miss! They both smell absolutely gorgeous but Quietude is my favourite. I may put the other one away for a gift or I may just keep for myself! 

Couldn’t wait to open the package & try them out. I’ll be using the Quietude tonight when I go to bed along with my Temple Spa repose moisturiser. 

I escaped away from my husband & kids today for few hours to pick up some food for the weekend via some clothes shops.

I love Dorothy Perkins Eden jeggings. I’m only 5ft 2 so the petite length is good for me. I own 2 pairs of black, a pair on denim and a pair of indigo. I was on their website last night and noticed they’d a merlot coloured pair reduced to £14 but they were out of stock in my size. I did a quick check of stock at local stores and BHS in Abbeycentre had them. Now this has happened me before and when I’ve went to buy it the stock check was wrong but found them there hiding between other sizes!! 

Quickly popped into Primark and ended up with a lovely sheer shirt reduced to £5. Quite hard to see the colours but it’s black with white/blue/blush flowers on it.

I thought it might be nice with a necklace so I got this in Primark for £4. This will go with a few things I have into wardrobe. Had to restrain myself from buying anything else! I’ve bought a couple of things online over the past 2 days so I’m trying to be good! 

Have a good weekend everyone xx

2015…let’s get organised! 

Happy New Year!! Hope you all had a brilliant night and you aren’t suffering too much today. We had a quiet one as usual. We took the kids out for dinner and has a few drinks when we came home. It’s great not waking up and suffering on New Years Day like I used too!!

Today we went to the cinema to see Night at the Museum 3. It’s was very funny & the kids really enjoyed it.

I decided tonight I need to get organised and fill up my new diary & calendar with school holidays, my daughters dance competitions, GB & BB displays etc etc.  I bought these from Bitty Button in Portadown. It’s a Christian run shop but they stuck a variety of products.  I’ve never actually been in the shop but I follow them on Facebook and I was able to call and reserve them as they sell out very quickly. I bought my mum in law & a friend a diary as well. I love the style of them and even better that they have Bible verses.

So that’s how I am spending my night. Had quite a few late nights since Christmas so think it’s a cup of tea and bed by 11pm tonight.