Another Christmas…another cold

As long as I can remember I have been ill over the Christmas holidays. I had constant tonsillitis as a child and it always struck in December.

Now I seem to get a head cold or the flu every single Christmas. When I was pregnant with my son 3 years ago I contracted swine flu, thankfully my GP picked it up straight away unlike the hospital I was referred to who left me for a week without test results!

Anyway this year Christmas Eve & Day passed without so much as a cough or a sniffle. Then having a conversation by text to a friend I boasted how this was the first year I can remember not being ill….famous last words..woke up feeling awful on Sunday and by Monday I felt my head was going to explode.

So I took painkillers and then sent hubbie out to get a bottle of whiskey to make a hot toddy. I had different recipes but basically just made it up as I went along.

So I put about 2 tablespoons or a little bit extra 😉 of whiskey (we got the cheapest) added boiling water, a couple of squirts of honey, a slice of lemon, a little bit of clove and i put cinnamon stick in it. You can make it sweeter by adding sugar or more honey.  I’m not a fan of whiskey but this is lovely when you’re not feeling well. Hope it helps me!!