Goodbye 2014! 

Just thinking back over the past year and all in all it’s been pretty good! I got a night away in April to see Gary Barlow for friends 40th, a night away to Dublin & Kildare village for another 40th, a hen weekend in Edinburgh, 2 weddings, a brilliant weeks holiday in Ibiza & the Michael Buble concert this month. I’ve made new friends through my Church and have become closer to existing friends. 

The biggest change in my life is that for the first time since I had kids I will officially be a stay at home mum from 10th January. After being there for over 10 years I handed in my notice a few weeks ago. I am so thankful for my husband for supporting me in this and everything I do. 

So 2015 will be a year when I decide what I want to do next. It’s all in Gods hands. 

My mum in law sent me this verse yesterday. It’s a popular verse but one I love: