2015…let’s get organised! 

Happy New Year!! Hope you all had a brilliant night and you aren’t suffering too much today. We had a quiet one as usual. We took the kids out for dinner and has a few drinks when we came home. It’s great not waking up and suffering on New Years Day like I used too!!

Today we went to the cinema to see Night at the Museum 3. It’s was very funny & the kids really enjoyed it.

I decided tonight I need to get organised and fill up my new diary & calendar with school holidays, my daughters dance competitions, GB & BB displays etc etc.  I bought these from Bitty Button in Portadown. It’s a Christian run shop but they stuck a variety of products.  I’ve never actually been in the shop but I follow them on Facebook and I was able to call and reserve them as they sell out very quickly. I bought my mum in law & a friend a diary as well. I love the style of them and even better that they have Bible verses.

So that’s how I am spending my night. Had quite a few late nights since Christmas so think it’s a cup of tea and bed by 11pm tonight.