And that’s it..Christmas holidays over 

My 2 go back to school & nursery tomorrow, these holidays have flown in but at the same time it feels like they’ve been off forever. I’m looking forward to getting some time on my own again but dreading that alarm call in the morning, getting breakfast, dressed, organised and out. No lounging around in our PJs tomorrow. 

I hope I can get a good nights sleep tonight. I’ve sprayed my Temple Spa Quietude and put my Temple Spa Repose moisturiser on. I am addicted to this moisturiser. It’s such a lovely smell and makes my skin feel gorgeous. It’s now my nightly routine to put it on my face just before bed and let it sink in. 

So once I drop the kids off in the morning I’m getting an eye test. It’s about 4 years overdue. I’ve picked the glasses I want just need to decide on prescription sunglasses now. I’ve never had prescription sunglasses before but as I need my glasses for driving I thought it best to get a pair so I’m not blinded by the sun on those rare summer days we get!!

So time to switch off for the evening, the alarm will come too quickly! Goodnight xx