Parcels from the postman! 

I can home earlier and a lovely parcel from Cath Kidston had arrived. I bought a large cosmetic bag for £14 and a double make up bag for £6. Actually I bought 2 cosmetic bags, one for myself & one for a friends birthday later in the year (tempted to keep it myself though!).

I thought the small make up bag would be handy to pop into my bag if I’m out for the night and the larger bag for home or if I’m away or out for the day. The cosmetic bag is lovely, I might use it for home as it’s too nice to be hidden away.

My parents got my husband a Jack Wills mug & sock set as part of his Christmas present. I had mug envy so went onto Boots website and they had the female set half price so £6 for the mug & socks. I love the combination of  the Jack Wills colours my husbands is plain navy so I have the nicer mug (and socks) now! 

I also got a new pair of trainers today. I really wanted a pink pair but saw these for £24.99 in sports direct. They’re actually junior range, luckily my feet are size 5 so I was able to get them. Hopefully this will help motivate me to go to the gym! 

I’m hoping to go to the gym tomorrow. I’ve joined a new gym and it opened this afternoon but I can only go in the morning while the kids are in school & nursery. I’ve had an awful headache all day so once I collect my son from BB I’m going to have a nice bath, get a hot water bottle and go to bed! 

Have a nice evening everyone xx