Slimming world week3 and sore legs!!

I was a bit disappointed at slimming world this week. I lost 1 & 1/2 lbs after losing 3.5lbs the first week and 3lbs the second week. On the plus side I got my 1/2 stone certificate and trying to see it as a 8lb lose over 3 weeks which I know is good! 

So still going with the gym and this week I did a few classes. I had a virtual class on Tuesday which was Les Mills CXworx. It’s a 30 minute class which focuses mainly your core. I loved it and went back yesterday to another session. I’m not a big cardio person so I love this because there’s no running about!!

On Wednesday I went to pure pump…My legs are still suffering 3 days later! We did over 250 squats, I’ve really weak arms so I had the lowest weights. I could barely walk down the stairs afterwards. I did enjoy the class so going back on Wednesday. Hopefully my pain will be gone by then! 

Really need to firm up my tummy. Doesn’t seem to want to move and I know drinking beer or wine doesn’t help but need to have some treats!

So here’s to another weight loss this week xx